Investment opportunities with “iCream”;

Become a licensee and operate chosen territory upon purchasing 10 units and completing training.

  • Each machine cost $22,500.00 from which we finance up to 50%
  • The interest rate can vary from 8.5% to 19.9% depending on your credit score “OR” we become 50% partner
  • Your Cost of Goods is around $0.78 for a 4.2 Oz cup with one solid and one liquid topping, which can be sold around $3.86 on average
  • The break even point is to sell about 9 cups of “iCream” a day. We recommend using our experiences when installing machines in high traffic locations.
  • On 15 cups a day you will recover your investment in about 11 months
  • On 20 cups a day you will recover your investment in about 6 months
  • Your lease should not cost you more than $500 a month
  • You will earn a salary of about $400 per machine x 10 = $4,000.00 a month in that process. FYI, Subway franchisees take about this amount on average with over $500,000 of investment.
  • It will be required that you start with a minimum of 5 machines in a small territory/town or 10 machines in a larger territory or city.
  • Your future growth will be decided by the market demand after 6 months of evaluation.