• Dimensions: 37”W, 38”L and 76”H
  • Weight: 420 Kg allows for stability
  • Outer Body Production: Heavy-duty metal outer box
  • Storage: 16 Liters of liquid mix with a single flavor dispensing freezing chamber provides for 2 liters of frozen, ready to serve soft serve
  • Cup holder capacity: Storing up to 130~140 cups
  • Toppings: Serves 3 dry and 3 liquid toppings
  • Maintenance: Routine cleaning, refilling and upkeep every 2 – 3 day
  • Upkeep time: 20 – 30 min on site, plus travel time to the locations

Please Note: We take pride in the excellence of our brand and intend to license business with the capacity to continue to hold the integrity and quality of our brand.