“iCream” Machine Operation

Watch a tour of the Machine Operation


The “iCream” machine is a soft serve ice cream machine caged inside a box. The freezing chamber is the heart of the machine which is connected to the PLC. The PLC receives commands from an Android Touch Screen software. Once the order is placed it appears in the shopping cart which then proceeds to payment. Payment can be made in cash, credit card or a promo code. Once the PLC receives the verification of the payment the machine begins filling the order while the customer views the entire serving process through a transparent front window.

Remote Access Monitoring:

“iCream” machines work off Cloud Software and must be connected to the internet for remote access and monitoring purposes. The machine will continue working without the internet for up to 72 hours, should the internet connection be disrupted. All data and statistics is saved and uploaded once the internet is reconnected.


“iCream” machines can be plugged in any standard plug in the United States and Canada. They do not require complicated electrical installation and work off 110V and 50~60 Hz and can be plugged in any 20 amps standard outlets.